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Outfox December Tournament - By the Numbers

As we previously shared on the blog, Outfox hosts monthly tournaments to give our community an outlet to compete for prizes and glory. All the while, we're helping our DevOps team continue to optimize Outfox to provide the fastest, most stable connections for League of Legends players. With the help of our friends at ThinkGeek, our December event was our most successful yet! 

Holiday Showdown

To give our event this month a bit of holiday flair, we donned our streaming room with lights and decorations and our casters wore some amazing holiday sweaters provided by ThinkGeek. As an added bonus, we also got the opportunity to give some cool ThinkGeek gifts to viewers of our epic 8-hour tournament stream on Twitch. It's always fun to be able to reward not only the competitors, but also the fans who cheer them on and keep everyone excited throughout the tournament.

This month's tournament was by far the biggest event yet with 98 teams participating, bringing the event to a full 7-round bracket. We were excited to see so many new teams participating, as well as returning competitors including 2-time Outfox tournament champion EvanRL, and university teams KSU Wildcats and University of Northern Iowa. Free agents also came out in force, filling a total of 7 teams to compete in the tournament. And while random free agent teams are usually at a distinct disadvantage to pre-made teams, we always root on the Foxes (free agents) and are excited to see their progress. 

Surprising all of us, and making it further than any free agent team has in the past, the Red Foxes made it all the way to the semi-final round. This is amazing teamwork for a group of players who just met and hopped in a Discord channel together on our server. Well done C9 Squeaky, Muse, Oblivion Sender, Bosey and 2049. Maybe next time the Red Foxes will return as a pre-made team and take it all the way. What do you say?

The Red Foxes faced off against the University of Northern Iowa in the first semi-final match of the tournament. Despite a fairly even kill count and gold collection, UNI had a well planned attack on towers that left them 2 ahead at the 40 minute mark of the match. And with a strong push and quick team fights toward the end, UNI took down the Nexus and secured their spot in the finals.

In another surprising turn of events, new team Amber beat out our reigning champion EvanRL's team in round 5, earning their place in the semi-finals. In their semi-final match, Amber faced off against Up to U. With excellent team play, Up to U won the round up by 13 kills, 11k gold and 10 towers. Fantastic mid-lane player RobbyBob really stood out in the match, representing 35% of team damage for Up to U and helping the team to finish the match with an ACE.

In the finalsUniversity of Northern Iowa faced off against Up to U in a best 2 out of 3 rounds match-up. In round one, Up to U took a strong lead late in the game with 2 Barons and a lead of 10 towers, cleaning up the Nexus easily in the end. Superstar RobbyBob showed up on Xerath and performed a whopping 41% of Up to U's team damage. In round 2, Up to U secured the grand prize in a quick victory against UNI. Well played, UNI and especially Issac, the team's jungler who did a great job in the finals.

Tournament days are always exciting, but this month's was extra special. We appreciate all of the new and returning teams that participated in the event, and hope to see you all again in the future. Congratulations to both Up to U and University of Northern Iowa on taking home our first and second prizes and for their great performance throughout the night. We hope you enjoy those Riot points and put them to good use on some new holiday skins! 

Keep an eye on our Battlefy page for more events and let us know on Twitter or the forums what you'd like to see from future tournaments. Until next time, GLHF!