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 Game Sessions

Outfox Feature Highlight - Game Sessions

All games are different, which means they all act a bit differently in relation to Outfox. A common question we receive from new users is, "Why isn't Outfox connected?" Often times, the answer is directly related to the specific game they are playing. To better understand how to use Outfox, it's important to understand the little game-specific quirks that factor into how Outfox works. In this post, we'll highlight how game session behavior works for our three most popular titles: PUBG, League of Legends and Overwatch. 

What is a game session?

Before we begin, let's define what a "game session" is in Outfox terms. When you first start Outfox, you'll see the screen below that shows supported game logos and says, "Play any supported game to automatically start an Outfox session." To you, a gaming session might be several hours of play that spans multiple matches in a game like PUBG. But to Outfox, a "session" is a single discrete connection to a game server, which may vary in behavior depending on the game. 

Outfox Start Screen

Tip: Always launch Outfox first before starting your game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG is our most played Outfox supported game, and it's easy to see why. The game has grown in popularity throughout Early Access, but still often struggles with server stability. And to make it worse, you can't actually see your ping natively in game. Outfox fixes both of these problems by giving you a tool to monitor your connection speed and stability, and often improves the connection as well.

When using Outfox with PUBG, you can think of game sessions as equal to "matches." Outfox will not attempt to connect to our optimized gaming network when you are in the character screen. So if you don't see a ping value yet while you're gathering your squad, don't worry. As soon as you choose a game server, hit "play," and enter a match with other players, Outfox will connect. From there the Fastest Server algorithm will ping the Outfox servers, compare them to your standard connection and choose the best path for your traffic. When the match ends and you've received your glorious, hard-won chicken dinner, that Outfox game session will end. Tab over to Outfox while waiting for your next match to see the end of session report that displays your average ping and improvement percentages. With the next match you enter, the process will start over again, so for each match you play you'll be sure you always have the best connection by using Outfox.

League of Legends

Our second most popular game, League of Legends, functions very similarly to PUBG when using Outfox. During the Champion select and ban/pick process, Outfox will appear that it has not connected, but don't worry, that is expected. Once you enter the Summoner's Rift, Outfox will begin the connection process. If you use the Fastest Server setting, you can always be sure that Outfox is giving you the best performance possible, even if that is your standard connection. When the match ends, Outfox will end the session and give you an average performance report. Then you can go right into the next match and Outfox will automatically detect the connection and begin a new session. 


Using Outfox with Overwatch functions a bit differently than with PUBG or LoL. Unlike other match-based connections, Overwatch sessions start as soon as you launch the game. This means that you will see your standard and Outfox ping values even while you're in the main menus before selecting a game type to play. One thing you may notice is that the game server location might change when you go from menu into a match. This shows that the initial server that you connected to is different than the server you've connected to for a match. The Fastest Server algorithm will make a decision based upon this initial connection speed, so keep an eye on Outfox to see how your performance may change throughout your play session. In some cases with Overwatch, it may be beneficial to choose a server from the Outfox settings drop-down menu manually. This way you will always use the Outfox connection which can often provide a more stable connection over time. When choosing a server, experiment by choosing the one closest to you or to the game server location to determine which gives you the best performance. The Outfox game session will end when you exit Overwatch, showing you the average performance report.

Optimize Outfox

We hope this helps you understand the nuances in game session behavior and how behavior can vary depending on what you are playing. Get the most out of Outfox by using this information to optimize your settings and ensure you have the fastest connection for every match!