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 Introducing Outfox

Inside the Connection - Introducing Outfox

By: Sunday Yokubaitis, President Golden Frog - - In this introductory blog series our executive team introduces themselves, shares the story behind Outfox and talks about the pillars that led to Outfox's creation. 

Outfox is Born! 

It's an exciting day, as we announce we're moving our newest product - Outfox - out of beta and into the world! I'm Sunday, the President of Golden Frog, the company behind Outfox. I would like to tell you more about who we are as a company, share our vision and values, and offer an exclusive look into why we created Outfox and how it works to improve gaming performance.

So What Is Outfox? 

Outfox is an optimized gaming network solution dedicated to eliminating high ping and latency issues when playing various online video games. Outfox is a unique platform that can provide performance improvements to users across the globe. 

I like to tell people that Outfox is like "Waze for the internet.” Or, Outfox is a toll road for gaming traffic. Just like roads, network traffic can be congested. Unlike when you are driving your car, your ISP is not motivated to find you the fastest route to where you're going. Instead, ISPs are motivated by costs and often select network paths that deliver the largest volume of traffic for the cheapest price.   

With Outfox, we took a different approach. We want to deliver the fastest speeds for a specific type of traffic – online gaming. Yes, we buy more expensive bandwidth for faster speeds, but fast bandwidth is not enough. We have learned over our 20+ year operating history that our people, not technology, are our greatest strength.  We have dedicated DevOps and Network Engineers who are constantly monitoring and evaluating the best routes for your traffic. We determine the best path, ensuring each gamer can achieve optimal ping, speed and stability.  

Why Did We Create Outfox? 

Our goal with Outfox is to give gamers control over the quality of their network, plain and simple. At my home, I don’t have the ability to change how my internet traffic reaches its destination. You probably don’t, either. That means that when you connect to a game server, you cannot choose whether that traffic is going to take a fast highway or a slow back road. Internet providers make these decisions today using routing protocols designed decades ago for quick, cost-effective decisions on slow machines. With Outfox, we give those decisions to you and your machine. 

We want everyone -- not just ISPs -- to have the best internet experience. With VyprVPN, we want our customers to get the privacy and security they expect out of their internet connection. With Outfox, we want customers to get the best gaming connection they can get. Part of our DNA from over 20 years running Internet providers and services is to take the tools and technology available to big organizations and put them in the hands of the individual. Outfox does that.

Where Did The Idea for a Gaming Network Come From? 

The idea for Outfox came from an unexpected place. We were talking about how our customers use our VPN product, VyprVPN, during a monthly Golden Frog “lunch and learn” when gaming came up. Many gamers use VyprVPN to improve their speed, prevent DDoS attacks and protect their privacy. We have a lot of avid gamers in our office, and we started thinking about ways to improve gaming performance that would be better than using a VPN.

Once we had the idea, we got straight to work designing a product. We tapped into our core beliefs and expertise (internet, network) and before we knew it, we were running gaming “sprints” (brainstorming sessions), watching Twitch streams, setting up basic test systems, and playing games through our fledgling proof-of-concept software.

Where Do We Go From Here? 

While our official launch is an exciting milestone, this is just the beginning. Outfox will continue to grow and improve from here on out, and I'm excited about what's coming up next in the pipeline! Here's a sneak peek: 

  • Improved user interface that will clearly demonstrate detailed connection information (including ping, jitter, and packet loss) so you can always know how Outfox impacts your connection in real time 

  • Support for TCP connections, for both the client and our servers, so that we can expand our game roster for games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and a whole bunch of MMOs 

  • Fine-tuning the Outfox session behavior for games so that we continue to provide the highest level of usability and performance 

  • Expanding our tier 1 global network to provide better performance for our existing sites while introducing new site locations for our users 

  • Sharing your Outfox stats while playing on Twitch, since the livestreaming community is so important to us

These are just a few of the things we have planned for Outfox's future – it certainly won't stop here. We want to hear from you about what you think will make Outfox better. So I ask - what dream features do you wish Outfox had? How can we better help improve your gaming performance? Don't be shy! Hop over to our Forums and let us know. We’re always listening. 

The journey has just begun, and we look forward helping gamers have the best online game experience in their battles, matches, missions, and races. I hope you'll give Outfox a try, and I can't wait to share all of our developments with you as we continue to improve our product. Keep an eye out for our next posts in the series!

If you want to try Outfox, simply sign up for our free 14 day trial.