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 June Tournament

League of Legends June 2018 Tournament - By the Numbers

From the beginning, we’ve hosted monthly tournaments to bring the Outfox community together; a means to celebrate our love of gaming while providing our DevOps team with crucial data they need to enhance the Outfox experience. League of Legends retook the stage in our June tournament with a 4-round bracket full of fiery competition. Our 12 teams, including 2 teams of free agents, flexed their skills for $375 in prizes.

Nexus Hunters faced off against Winter Squad in our opening broadcast, with Nexus Hunters pulling ahead early on. Winter Squad got its first significant swing in around 11 minutes into the game, enough to worry Nexus Hunters for a few minutes while they steadily caught up in kill count. Something lit in the Nexus Hunters at that moment, and they proceeded to roll over the competition for the next ten minutes, collecting 19 total kills, 10 towers, and 48k gold – a full 9 towers, 14 kills, and 12k more than Winter Squad – before it was over. We’re hoping to see a rematch for some payback in our next LoL tournament!

From steamrolling to whiplash, FF vs. Bebe Gang was a tense back-and-forth. Kill count, gold, and tower claims bounced upward at an even pace for near to 20 minutes, until Bebe Gang pulled ahead and PinoyTeamPlayer – playing Draven – executed a superb Penta Kill. Thereafter, Bebe Gang became unstoppable; they broke through the ranks of the FF champions to claim 25 kills, 9 towers, and over 60k in gold. Well-fought, guys!

The kill count kept climbing when Hidden Leaf Village and Unknown took the field for a solid battle in the quarter-final. Both sides fought with blood, Unknown drawing the first of it just after 3 minutes. They exchanged double or triple kills, and each team surprised us with their tactics as they used their champions in new and unexpected ways. In the end, Unknown eked out a victory after 25 minutes of combat. They moved ahead to the semi-finals up 12 on their kill count at 36, 7 towers, and just over 55k in gold.

Team Nexus Hunters made another appearance alongside Unknown in our semi-final. Neither side held back, the first champion falling at the hands of Nexus Hunters in just under 8 minutes. The skirmish set the standard for the rest of the game, as each battle ended with either a couple of deaths on either side or stalemates and shutdowns frustrating our champions. Unknown gathered the upper hand 20 minutes in; set a foothold to bring home a win after half an hour of battle. The final score was 32-18, with our victors claiming 9 towers and earning almost 70k in gold.

Unfortunately, Bebe Gang could not overcome Barney the Dinosaur, who joined Unknown in the Best-of-3 final. Playing Irelia, LeGil of Barney the Dinosaur soloed first blood, but they had their work cut out for them against Unknown. Debounair of Unknown pulled off a Quadra Kill after a slip-up by the purple reptile’s namesake, which opened the door for Unknown to steadily pull ahead. Despite best efforts from Barney the Dinosaur, Unknown maintained their lead past the 30-minute mark and ended the game 25 to 15, 9 towers to 2, and 13k more gold than the challenger.

Unknown used the momentum from the end of game 1 to start off strong in game 2, and the consistency paid off. With a final kill tally of 18 to 7, 10 towers to 1, and 15k more in gold, Unknown shut down our friendly neighborhood dinosaur. Some standouts were Debounair of Unknown, who walked away with 31 kills, 6 kills more than the closest follower, TNH Banner of Nexus Hunters; and, MCE Patate from team Barney the Dinosaur ended the final round with a total of 48 assists throughout the tournament.

Our thanks to our great hosts Lauren and Kyle, and congratulations to our winners! Check out the graph below for the monthly numbers breakdown. Be the first to know about upcoming tournaments; join our Discord or drop us a line on the forums.


Until next month, Outfoxers!