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 League of Legends

How Outfox Reduces League of Legends Lag

League of Legends has set the standard for online competitive gaming and esports. With the game's huge popularity, players of all types are looking for ways to improve performance in the game. Yet even with Riot's significant investment in its network, some players still struggle with lag and high ping in LoL. Since the inception of Outfox, League of Legends has been one of our primary games of focus for performance improvements and support. Throughout beta, our DevOps team was continuously looking for areas to improve connections to Riot's servers. As a result of user feedback and the data we saw from testers, we added Outfox server locations to better support the game. For users in South America, we added a Miami location which was able to improve connections for many users in the region. 

Our continued focus on improvements for the game was also helped greatly by the data from our monthly tournaments for League of Legends. Not only do the events give the community an opportunity to compete for prizes, they help us to improve Outfox through informed metrics. The infographic below shows some of the highlights from Outfox data for League of Legends during November 2017. 


Stories from the Rift

While the results speak for themselves, you don't just have to take our word (and numbers) for it. When playing League of Legends on our Twitch channel, we've often seen improvements of up to 80%

Streamer BubblegumCombo also reached out to us with a story of how Outfox has improved more than just his connection performance in League of Legends. 

"Before Outfox, I was never able to land any of my Lee Sin Q's. I would hit a minion at best and due to my spamming of the Q button, and my occasional ping spikes, I would always fly under the tower and pull aggro, miss my ward hops, and take 3-4 tower shots before running to safety, only to die. With Outfox my ping is much more stable and consistent. Now I'm landing about 20% of my Q's on champs. The best part is, when I fly under the tower, I can successfully ward hop to safety after only a couple tower shots, and live to Q another day."

League of Legends YouTuber, Flyerbek also shared with us how Outfox helped him when playing across regions.

"I've been using Outfox for 1 month and the result has been impressive. My ping got reduced from 260 to 190 ping in NA server while playing from Europe. It's very easy to use, you just simply have to open Outfox and it will automatically do all the work."