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 Outfox Empowerment

Inside the Connection - Empowerment

By: Michael Douglass, Co-CTO of Golden Frog -- Our network offers users the ability to control their outcome online, empowering them to achieve the internet experience they want. Offering control and choice is one of the reasons we created Outfox and a core pillar - Empowerment.

Welcome to Outfox, the ultimate optimized gaming network. We are glad you are here and wanted to share more about the creation of Outfox. When we first started thinking about what our next product offering would be, we wanted to ensure whatever we did was aligned with our expertise and our core values. After a lot of thought we finally settled on Outfox, which given our history in the internet makes perfect sense...

The Early Days of the Internet

We are internet people, with decades of experience in the Usenet and VPN spaces. We are proud that our first company Texas.net, created in 1994, was one of the first 50 internet service providers in the United States. And we have been around since the beginning! From there we created Giganews, the leader in Usenet providers with uncapped speed, top-quality network infrastructure and high privacy standards. Offering services previously reserved for the technical elite to the general public is one of the goals that drives our company.

The internet has evolved over the years, and so have we. The need for online privacy and security came to the forefront 7 years ago - in response to Room 641a (A room where the NSA was conducting surveillance on user communications). After many years campaigning for privacy in Washington, D.C., this violation of our civil rights, and the government's inaction to stop them, we knew what our next move had to be.  These events were the catalyst behind our creation of a new VPN service. VyprVPN's fast, highly secure personal VPN offers Internet users around the globe access to a free and open Internet that is private and secure. We own, engineer and manage 100% of our network and servers – something no other VPN competitors do. 

Throughout our history, as technology needs come up, we always rise to the occasion. 

Bringing Outfox to Life

We are not just internet natives, we are also gamers who know that every millisecond counts when playing online. When we looked at the available options for enhancing gaming performance, it was obvious that they were lacking in both performance and honesty. Using our expertise in running and maintaining high-quality networks in the gaming industry seemed like a natural fit, so we decided to fill the gap. Outfox was born! We created a product with a quality unlike anything offered today – an optimized network created specifically for gaming that's fast, reliable and, most importantly, honest. A network that takes into account your specific location and what you are playing, so all you have to do is focus on what you do best – play.

With an extensive history in running a quality, global network, we already have established direct contractual relationships with Tier 1 Network Providers and peer extensively with major consumer ISPs – relationships we have had in place for years. Outfox’s extensive direct peering allows us to connect directly to the largest consumer networks across the world, providing the fastest delivery of traffic and best reliability for our gamers. We believe in offering a secure, fast, quality network, and we built these principles into how we run Outfox.

Power to the Gamers

One of our core beliefs is putting the power in the hands of the people. Whether this was bringing the internet into Texans' homes in the 90s, providing easy access to the fastest Usenet or giving users worldwide the tools they need to protect their privacy with VyprVPN, it is essential in what we do. The ability to access the best route for your gaming traffic should not be a power left solely in the hands of your ISP - you have a right to get involved. And with Outfox, we give you more options for how your traffic is handled, allowing you to breathe easy knowing you always have the best performance available. 

Routing traffic through our optimized gaming network is as easy as launching Outfox, starting up your favorite supported game and letting our Fastest Server algorithm handle the rest. If you want even more control, you can manually select from any one of our 23+ worldwide server locations. You no longer have to rely on your internet service provider or some other confusing tech solution to get the speeds you want (and need) to game. Outfox puts the power back into your hands. 

Coming up next in our Inside the Connection series, we will take a look inside the network to show you where your router and ISP go wrong when handling your game traffic, and how Outfox gets it right.

Since day one, innovation, transparency and quality drive everything that we do, including Outfox!