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 Outfox Engagement

Inside the Connection - Engagement

By: Liz Kintzele, VP of Sales and Director of Marketing -- We work hard to connect with our users, conducting outreach to ensure we are listening to users and offering the best service possible. By communicating from all angles, from soliciting product feedback to fun interaction in our social channels to questions in our forum, we meet our key pillar of Engagement. 

At Outfox, we understand that the foundation of any game is the community. Games, and products like Outfox, are nothing without the gamers who use them. Making something that helps people play better is one of the great perks of coming into the office every day. Development for Outfox is truly a collaborative process, not only among various teams within the company but also with our users. Who knows better the areas that need improvement than those who use Outfox every day, right?

Being easily accessible to our users wherever they hang out online is important to us, so we have communication channels of all flavors for our community. Behind the scenes, making sure our users and their needs are always front and center is our Community Manager, Leala. With an extensive background in the game industry and fan community leadership, Leala brings a unique perspective to the role and company. Got an idea or opinion about Outfox? Connect with one of the channels below or drop her a line directly at community@getoutfox.com.

Social Media

For those who love social media, we have official TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts for you to follow. Here you'll find the latest news and articles from Outfox, the game industry, events and only the freshest of memes. Keep an eye out on social media and in our Discord chat for community events such as tournaments and game nights.


Our official Twitch channel is a great place to get to know the folks behind the scenes here at Outfox. We play some of our favorite games, chat and take questions from the community. And if you are lucky you'll get to see a totally wicked silly walk in the background of one of our weekly streams.


Our forums are a great place for in-depth game discussion, technical support, feedback and feature requests for Outfox. Everyone from our Developers to our CTOs spend time in the forum so if you have in-depth questions you think others in the community would get value from the answers, please post! If you have an Outfox account, it's super easy to join the discussion. Just sign in with the same account and post away. 


If you ever have trouble with Outfox, our 24/7 support team is here to help through chat, email or the forum. 

As we continue to develop, information sources such as connection data and direct user feedback will help guide the product roadmap for Outfox. Our team can remain agile and respond directly to feedback with an open dialogue. The Product team, who help set priorities and development guidelines, love to hear individual user experiences with Outfox through survey responses and customer interviews. Quotes from these interviews often float around the office well after the initial discussion. Informed decision making can come from many areas, such as a poll that we held during beta to see which new game our players wanted us to support. While our research pointed to the same answer as the results, it was great to have the decision supported by the community.

Since we are open with the community, you can get to know who is behind the scenes and that we care about your ideas and experience using Outfox. Our customer service is top notch and always available to help. No matter how you prefer to provide feedback, we are here to listen. So make sure to follow us and join in the discussion because we'd love to hear from you, too!