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 Outfox Tournaments

Outfox Tournaments - A Win-Win Situation

If you're an Outfox fan who plays League of Legends, you may already be familiar with our tournaments. In fact, you may have even competed in one for a chance at glory and cash prizes. Hosting League of Legends tournaments started back when Outfox was still in beta. In thinking of creative ways to get more active Outfox connections, we decided inviting users to compete for prizes was a great way to get involved. Since then, we've grown the events, giving players an outlet for friendly competition and giving our DevOps team info they need to improve Outfox along the way.

Outfox for Esports

One of our main goals with tournaments is to support an active, engaged community by creating outlets for players who wish to excel. Participating in esports tournaments may seem like a lofty goal for some, but we strive to make our events accessible and easy to join. Using Battlefy, players can create a team of friends and sign up to play in an Outfox tournament with no entry fee required. We welcome participants of all ranks and even invite free agents to join and be placed in a team with other free agent players. And while it might not seem like a team that just met could compete against a pre-made team, we've seen the opposite. In two separate tournaments, free agent teams made it all the way to round 4 of 6, almost securing a spot in the semi-finals. Not bad!

Our tournaments use a single elimination, randomly sorted bracket style. This setup keeps our tournaments accessible to players of all ranks, and gives more teams a chance to prove themselves in early rounds. For teams that make it all the way to the final round, we offer prizes for both first place and runner-up teams. While the majority of teams in Outfox tournaments are informal, we've been honored to have teams join us representing esports organizations and universities such as University of Northern Iowa PanthersKSU Wildcats and Texas Tech Academy

Improving Outfox

Hosting tournaments and encouraging participants to use Outfox while playing isn't just fun; it also helps us improve through important metrics. Increasing the number of active connections on tournament days allows us to "stress test" the Outfox servers and look for areas of improvement. When hosting a North America region League of Legends tournament, for example, we can see which Outfox server locations are most heavily trafficked and provide the most improved connections. From there our DevOps team can focus their optimizations on specific server locations and make better informed decisions about where they should expand the Outfox network in the future to fill in needed gaps. Our team's ability to make informed decisions and targeted service improvements is one of the many features that make Outfox stand out from the competition.

EU Tournament Highlights

Let's take a look at our most recent tournament, focused on the EU West region of League of Legends. Our first tournament specific to this region, the event gave us the opportunity to reach out to a new group of gamers. An impressive turnout of 55 teams participated in the tournament, which went to five rounds. As part of the event, our in-office casters Dustin and Roger commentated on Twitch during 11 matches including the exciting semi-final and finals rounds. Team Dynastic and Salon de Thé faced off in the final round to see who would take home the first place prize. Salon de Thé closed out the first round of the finals up by 9 towers, over 20k gold and 10 kills. Finishing off with an ACE, they took down the Nexus uncontested. Team Dynastic started strong in the second round with an early game invasion, claiming First Blood. Teams were neck and neck throughout most of the match, but Salon de Thé secured another victory with a strong late game performance. Overall both teams did very well with strong jungler picks and great leadership for Team Dynastic by BigBangTheory. But ultimately, excellent teamwork and outstanding Nidalee play by Wheítlìx secured the victory for Salon de Thé.

Outfox Tournament Stats

Outfox tournaments are both a opportunity for League of Legends players to compete and an opportunity for Outfox to learn and improve our service. It's a win-win! Keep an eye on our Battlefy page for more events and let us know on Twitter or the forums what you'd like to see from future tournaments. Until next time, GLHF!