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 Outfox recaps highlights of this year's Pax South in San Antonio, Texas.

Outfox Visits PAX South

By: Jordan Saucedo, Affiliate Manager 

Since the inaugural PAX South kicked off back in 2015, San Antonio’s Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center continues to draw in large crowds and cosplayers itching to see what 2018 has in store for gaming. Although you cannot walk into the Expo Hall without missing the massive Rathalos on full display at the Monster Hunter: World booth, it was also very refreshing to see the mass amount of Indy games and publishers in attendance. Here’s a recap showcasing some of the action we witnessed at PAX South 2018.


Not only was the Monster Hunter: World on full display at PAX South, but it was also paired with a large Capcom Store completed with some of Capcom’s strongest titles including Resident Evil 7 and Outfox’s  #1 fighting game for optimization, Street Fighter V. After waiting in line for about 45 minutes I got my first taste of Monster Hunter: World and was nothing short of amazed. With the release date quickly approaching for PS4 and Xbox One players (January 26th), players are itching to sink into one of 2018’s most anticipated titles.

Move Over Twitch, Mixer’s in Town!

When we attended PAX South last year Twitch had a very large presence. Although Twitch continues to sponsor various tournaments and the arena section of PAX, I couldn’t help but notice Mixer’s booth which would not be complete without the infamous HypeZone. If you haven’t had the chance to check out Mixer’s recent addition of the HypeZone, you’re missing out on some epic PUBG moments. Designed to automatically switch between steamers live on Mixer closest to tasting victory, letting you consume a constant flow of the end game thrill that PUBG is known for. Also in attendance was Scavengers Studio’s The Darwin Project, a 10 player Battle Royal/Manhunt style game where survival in the most extreme environmental conditions tests your skill. As a game that is inching closer to a public release I cannot wait to get my hands on it after getting to experience what this dystopian post-apocalyptic environment offers. If you want to give it a shot Scavenger Studio’s is hosting an open beta this weekend!

Impressive Cosplay

With any gaming convention comes fantastic cosplay, and PAX South was no different. From everybody’s top main in Overwatch to the amazing Fallout/Super Mario Bros mash-up PAX South showcased some incredible cosplay. Here are a few snaps taken in the Expo Hall:

PAXSouth Impressive Cosplay

PAX South : On the Rise

With PAX South making its 3rd appearance in San Antonio, it was very clear upon arrival that PAX is steadily growing both in size and popularity. Although Penny Arcade does not release attendance figures, a spokesperson with Penny Arcade estimated it was in the “tens of thousands.” All in all, PAX South was a great experience for the Outfox team and couldn’t be more excited for what events 2018 has in store for us. Until then, remember – Death Before Lag.