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 Outfox vs. VPN - What's the Difference?

Outfox vs. VPN - What's the Difference?

As a provider who has been offering a VPN service for years and has just introduced an optimized gaming network, we've been getting some great questions about the difference between the two products. Below we take a look at the differences (and similarities) between VPNs and optimized networks, and explain why you'd use one or the other. 

The TL:DR Version

What is the difference between an optimized gaming network and a VPN?

An optimized gaming network's primary function is to find the fastest route to your destination, whereas a VPN's primary function is to encrypt your internet connection.

Why would a gamer use a VPN versus an optimized gaming network?

It depends on your primary goal, of course!

  • If your #1 goal is privacy (and security), use a VPN.
  • If your #1 goal is speed (and stability), use an optimized gaming network.

The Deep Dive

For those who want to learn more...let's dive in! Many privacy-conscious web surfers use a personal VPN to increase their online privacy and security, bypass restrictive networks and protect their personal information while online. There is even the added benefit when using a VPN, like VyprVPN, of improving performance when streaming video or content online. A virtual private network (VPN) works by encrypting your data as it leaves your computer before it reaches the internet. It will pass through the VPN server to decrypt, reach the internet and repeat the process again for the return trip back to your computer.

If you think this sounds similar to how the Outfox optimized gaming network operates, you are correct! However, there are some key differences between a VPN and an optimized gaming network. Below we take an in-depth look into how Outfox is different than a VPN.

What's The Difference Between VyprVPN And Outfox?

When looking at the differences between products like VyprVPN (VPN) and Outfox (optimized gaming network), it's important to consider their primary functions - as well as what's going on behind the scenes.

VPNs have a variety of uses, with a primary use being securing internet connections. VPNs utilize encryption to do this, offering a level of privacy and security not achievable on an unencrypted connection. An optimized gaming network has one more focused function, which is to improve connection stability and speed up data traffic while gaming online to increase overall performance. Outfox routes traffic over a less congested, better network path. So while both services use our privately owned and maintained global network of servers, they function a bit differently. 

Outfox Is Built For Speed

While a VPN will handle all of your internet traffic, Outfox only manages the online traffic for the game titles we support. It functions as a proxy for your traffic, allowing Outfox to choose smarter routes for your data through our fast, global network. While your standard connection will not take into account latency, network congestion or outages, Outfox will factor all of this into finding the best route. And since it is only handling the information related to your game traffic, the encryption layer used in a VPN has been removed to offer optimal speeds.


With Outfox servers located all over the world, we can improve your connection when playing games where the servers are located outside of your home country. For example, an Overwatch player in the UK who prefers to play on the America's servers can find a faster route for their game traffic by connecting using Outfox's Fastest Server setting. A VPN also offers various server locations with different speeds, but they may be selected for a variety of reasons (from fastest to choosing a location free of censorship or geo-restriction). 

While a VPN and an optimized gaming network may operate a bit differently, they both provide control and additional options for how your internet traffic is handled. They both give you options that are otherwise unavailable. So if connection speed while gaming online is most important to you, try Outfox. And if privacy and security while browsing online (or gaming) are most important to you, connecting to a fast, reliable VPN service like VyprVPN is the best choice.