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 PC vs. Xbox One X

PC or Xbox One X, Who Wins at 4K Gaming?

By Cody Myhre, Software Engineer in Test 

The PC has reigned as the supreme leader of the 4K gaming experience since the release of the GTX 1080 and 1080TI from Nvidia. However, with the recent release of the Xbox One X, you can now get a full 4K gaming experience for just $500. So, we must ask ourselves, is this the chance for consoles to finally overthrow the market leader?

4K Experience

Microsoft is targeting a true native 4K visual gaming experience with HDR support at 30 FPS with the Xbox One X. Alternatively, if you don't have a supported 4K display, you can downscale to 1080p for a 60 FPS experience. Microsoft is doing their best to put the full power of the 2.3GHz 8-core Processor and 12GB of GDDR5 VRAM behind an amazing visual experience.

This might not seem like much to gamers with a GTX 1080Ti, i7 7600k build at home running 60+ FPS on their favorite 4K titles. However, the Xbox One X comes at a fraction of the total cost of just your CPU and GPU combined. To many newcomers, the price tag alone is enough to sway them to the Xbox One X, but is it enough to sway a core PC player over to console? I don't think so.

Supported Games and Backwards Compatibility

One of the most important things when it comes to new gaming hardware is the question, "can I still play the games I already own?"

We know from experience that whenever a new console comes out, gamers may find themselves needing to repurchase existing titles for that console. However, this time Microsoft made an effort to ensure any games for the Xbox One will work on the Xbox One X. Some developers have even stated that they'll be creating 4K texture packs specifically for the Xbox One X at no cost to the player. The list of Xbox One X enhanced games can be found on the Xbox website.

As for backward compatibility, Phil Spencer has been very open about bringing back a large category of Xbox and Xbox 360 games. Currently, the backward compatible library contains over 400 titles, and all are available to redeem with your physical disc (if you still own the disc) or purchase digitally. The full list of backward compatible Xbox One X games is also available online.

In the world of digital downloads, why should we have to worry about not being able to go on a nostalgia trip and play our favorite game from 10 years ago? PC players already have access to a huge library on a number of platforms like Steam, GOG, and Battle.net. And we rarely have to worry about the longevity of a game, as very few Windows iterations have phased out games. 

In Conclusion

Does this new, attractive price tag mean that everyone should drop their PC and run out to get an Xbox One X today? I would say, probably not.

Due to the upgrade-ability of a PC, most players are better off saving themselves the pain of repurchasing games. For just a bit more of an investment, you can get a GTX 1080, and easily achieve more FPS at 4K than the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X is a solid console option, but for my dollar, you can't beat the customization and longevity of a good gaming PC. I plan on upgrading mine soon, so that I can still take advantage of Outfox's optimized gaming network and play my favorite game, PUBG!