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 Session Report

Check Your Performance With Outfox's Session Report

Our latest Outfox 1.3 update includes a new, clearer way to see how your connection performs during your gaming sessions. While we’ve always shown the connection graph and speed comparison between Outfox and your normal connection in real-time, Outfox now offers a full Session Report at the end of your game with emphasis on providing a deeper understanding of how your connection performs when using Outfox versus your standard connections.

Once you finish your game, the Session Report will show you:

  • Whether or not Outfox was used during your gaming session
  • Which game you played and the duration of the session
  • How Outfox performed for your gaming session
  • How your standard connection performed for your gaming session

After checking your numbers in the Session Report screen, you can jump right back into your next gaming session or dismiss the report to go back to Outfox's Start screen.

The Session Report feature is the latest of many new developments in the works for future Outfox releases. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated!