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 The new year is upon us, so we’re going over the best PC games of 2020 that we’re playing into 2021.

The Top Games You Need This Year

A new year is the perfect gaming holiday. The weather is usually cold, the snacks are plentiful, and you’re often starting off the year with a variety of gift cards or other holiday goodies that make the gaming even more fun than normal. We’ve all been spending an increased amount of time indoors lately, leaving more time for at-home activities like gaming. 

While not being able to interact as we normally do is certainly a bummer, there are a ton of great games out this year that will make you want to lock yourself away for a while to just get in some serious gaming. As always, we’re about the online gaming scene -- but we even sprinkled in some single-player games that are making noise this year as well. 

Need to Have: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is the only single-player game on our list -- but it’s been in development for nearly nine years and it looks crazy fun. That makes it a must-have in our minds. Developed by the same studio behind The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world action RPG game that places an extreme emphasis on world-building and sidequests. While the “main” storyline can be played through in about 20 hours, the side quests, hidden areas, and nearly limitless character customizations should give the gamer in your life plenty to come back to. We highly recommend this game -- even if the launch has been a little buggy on some consoles (particularly PS4 and Xbox One). Modders have been working to improve the game and make it more playable for PC since launch.

Still Crazy, Fun, and Free After All These Years: Fortnite

Epic Games knows how to keep games fresh. Fortnite continually lands on our lists for best games because, well, it still is. This Christmas Epic Games created a series of daily Fortnite Challenges (which may sound familiar because they did something similar last year), and the 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges are a series of Holiday-themed quests, including finding the Fortnite holiday trees or finding the locations of the Fortnite presents. You may have enjoyed these last month! 

If the gamer on your list doesn’t have Fortnite yet -- then stop reading this and buy it for them now. The insanely addicting gameplay, constantly changing challenges, and integration of characters like The Mandalorian make it a no-brainer for any gamer. The best part? Fortnite is free! The only thing you’ll need is a great internet connection, and a network optimized for gaming

Cold Outside? Heat Up with Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War

Remember the 80s? Me neither, but they must have been rad if Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War is to be believed. The newest entry in the Call of Duty Series, Cold War, takes place during 1981 and sees fiction and fact blur together as you battle around the globe, often alongside real historical figures. But don’t worry, this game is anything but boring -- Ravensoft worked their magic with the single-player, making it taut, responsive, and super fun to play. 

The multiplayer is exactly what you’d expect from a Call of Duty: Black Ops game -- excellent. Cold War goes back to what made COD games great by simplifying much of the gameplay mechanics. The weapon fire is great and it feels satisfying to have each type of gun respond slightly differently. Even the maps have gone back to the basics, especially when you compare them with Modern Warfare which came out last year. All your favorites gameplay modes are back, but as always the king of the group is Team Deathmatch. This is definitely a game you’ll need a solid internet connection for, especially when you want to play 12v12 matches without lag.  

Don’t Forget Your Network

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