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How to Reduce H1Z1 Lag

H1Z1 Settings and Lag Fix

Since the game is still in early access, H1Z1 lag and performance problems are a regular struggle. These issues are particularly frustrating in a mode as unforgiving as King of the Kill, where pinpoint accuracy is the difference between life or perma-death. Fortunately, with a few tweaks to your computer, game settings and network optimization, you'll be the last one standing.

  1. Check your computer and game settings
  2. Check your network and connection
  3. Check out Outfox, an optimized gaming network
Bad H1Z1 ping can affect your gaming performance. Use Outfox to improve your ping and reduce your lag.

How to Fix H1Z1 High Ping

Computer and Drivers

H1Z1 can be a CPU-intensive game, so make sure the computer you're playing on at least meets the minimum system requirements. You'll need an Intel i5 Quad-Core, 6 GB RAM and a 1GB graphics card or better. To get the best performance out of your graphics card, always keep your drivers up to date. You can download the latest driver update directly from AMDNvidia or Intel. Since H1Z1 is so CPU-intenstive, it's a good idea to minimize the number of background applications you have running by closing unnecessary programs from the task manager. 

Game Settings

Adjusting graphics settings is also a sure-fire way to improve performance. To maximize performance, reduce the Render Quality to 50%, set Render Distance to 1500 or below, turn Ambient Occulsion and VSync off. You should also set Flora Quality, Shadow Quality, Tree Quality and Lighting Quality to low. For additional, advanced settings control you will need to go to H1Z1 in your Steam library, click on Browse Local Files and edit the User Options text file. 

If you are having extreme performance issues, a reinstallation of the game may be required. 

Network Performance

Since you are playing online, network performance issues can be a cause of H1Z1 lag spikes. Firstly, make sure you are using an Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi and reduce any background bandwidth usage such as streaming, voice programs and large file downloads. 

You should also make sure you're playing on the appropriate region in the settings menu. For best performance, playing on the server nearest you is an easy H1Z1 ping fix. The ping indicator in game will give you a basic idea of the performance of your connection, with white representing ping lower than 100ms, yellow as 100-199ms and red as over 200ms.

Improve your network performance while playing H1Z1 with Outfox, an optimized gaming network.

While the color indicators can be helpful, they lack important details. For more information and control over your network connections, use Outfox's optimized gaming network while playing H1Z1. In the Outfox UI, you can easily see your exact H1Z1 ping value and achieve better performance by using the Fastest Server option. Outfox works by routing your game traffic through our fast, global network and bypassing normally unavoidable network congestion and poor routing decisions by your ISP. 

Performance-focused game settings and optimized networking will give you the edge over the competition. Don't let low FPS and high ping be the death of you!