Learn some easy tricks to reduce Heroes of the Storm lag spikes.

Easy Tricks to Reduce Heroes of the Storm Lag

3 Steps to Reduce HotS Lag

As in any game, Heroes of the Storm lag can be caused by many factors. No matter the source, choppy FPS and high ping are always annoying and can be detrimental to your match in HotS. But don't despair, heroes! With a few simple tricks you can be playing at peak performance in no time.

  1. Check your computer and system requirements
  2. Check your network and connection
  3. Check out Outfox, an optimized gaming network
Reduce your lag while playing HotS with Outfox, an optimized gaming network.

Optimize to Reduce HotS Lag

System Settings

The first culprit that may be the source of HotS lag is your computer itself. Does it meet the minimum or recommended system requirements to run Heroes of the Storm? Check your hardware against Blizzard's list and while you're at it, check that your video card is supported as well. Overall reduction of graphics quality settings and turning off Vertical Sync and Antialias settings will improve performance, often with little noticeable difference in visuals. Leaving the Enable Reverb and Reduce Mouse Lag options unchecked should also help increase your FPS in game. Keep your graphics card drivers up to date by visiting AMDNvidia or Intel's website to download the latest driver for your card. 

Compatibility Issues

If you're experiencing poor performance in HotS, you might want to run the game in 32-bit mode. Do this by clicking the options button on the Blizzard launcher. Go to Game Settings, scroll to Heroes of the Storm and check "Launch 32-bit client." 

Some players have noticed a link between poor performance of HotS and the applications OneDrive and Xbox DVR on Windows 10. To disable Xbox DVR, open the Xbox app, go to the settings menu, click Game DVR and turn off "Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR." To disable OneDrive, you'll need to adjust your PC settings by following a guide from Microsoft.

Resource Usage

Running applications such as Chrome, Spotify and Skype or downloading large files while playing online will negatively impact your network performance. Minimize the work your computer and network have to do by limiting background applications when gaming. And always make sure to use a wired Ethernet cable to connect directly to your router when possible - this will be a great improvement over using WiFi while gaming. And if you are having connectivity issues to Blizzard games, be sure to check BlizzardCS on Twitter for updates on system status. To monitor your performance in game, use Ctrl + Alt + F to bring up a display of important stats like FPS and Ping.

Limit background applications while gaming to improve your network performance.
Network Optimization

If you're looking for a quick and easy Heroes of the Storm lag fix, look no further than Outfox. Heroes of the Storm lag spikes, caused by network congestion, are often unavoidable without the help of Outfox's optimized gaming network. Outfox's servers use direct peering to connect to game servers, providing the fastest delivery of traffic that avoids congestion, compensates for far distances and makes smarter routing choices for your traffic. And with the Fastest Server option, it's very easy to set up. Just launch Outfox, select Fastest Server, and we'll automatically pick the route that gives you the lowest ping. 

Armed with these tricks to improve performance in HotS, your adventures in the Nexus are sure to be victorious!