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Tips to Optimize and Fix Smite Lag

Easy Smite Lag Fix

Smite is a game that can have notoriously poor performance for a number of reasons. This can result in unresponsive actions or frustrating rubberbanding in matches, all depending on Smite’s server status. Unless Smite’s servers are down, you don't need to pray to the gods to find a Smite lag fix; just follow these recommendations and you'll be smiting your enemies with ease.

  1. Check system requirements and settings
  2. Check your network and connection
  3. Check out Outfox, an optimized gaming network
Outfox is the easiest Smite lag fix to improve your overall gaming experience and performance.


PC Requirements

While relatively low system requirements make the game accessible to many players, you will want to make sure your PC is in the range of the recommended requirements. This means you will need at least 4GB RAM, an Intel i5 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470, ATI Radion HD 5870 or better graphics card. You should also make sure your operating system is up to date with the latest service pack, and that you have the most recent graphics card drivers installed. Visit AMDNvidia or Intel's website to download the latest drivers. 

Game Settings

Optimization of your settings within Smite is also important to achieving the best performance on your PC. To monitor your Smite server lag, check your ping and FPS in game, press F8 to enable the live display. To increase your FPS, some players recommend playing in borderless windowed mode instead of fullscreen. The game will essentially look the same, but your computer will take less of a performance hit than rendering fullscreen.

Use the following as guidelines for your Video Options settings to improve your FPS.

  • World Detail - Medium or Lower
  • Texture Detail - Medium
  • Shadow Detail - Medium
  • Shader Quality - Medium
  • Particle Detail - Low
  • Anti-Aliasing - Reduce or turn off entirely
  • Vertical Sync - Off
  • Ragdoll Physics - Off
Background Applications

When gaming online, it's important to reduce bandwidth usage on your network. This means pausing any large file downloads and turning off background applications running on your computer, such as Skype, Chrome or Spotify. You should also always use a wired Ethernet connection to your router when gaming, rather than relying on wi-fi. If you suspect that Smite servers are down, make sure to check the Hi-Rez Studios server status page and the HiRezOps Twitter to see if the game servers are experiencing any issues. 

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Network Lag

If you are located far away from the game servers, or play at times when Internet traffic is heavy, it can result in Smite lag spikes. Factors such as these can't be avoided without the assistance of a tool like Outfox. Outfox's optimized gaming network uses direct peering to lower lag in Smite by providing the fastest delivery of game traffic. And with the Fastest Server setting, Outfox will automatically bypass network congestion and find the fastest route to Smite servers with the lowest ping.  

No prayers to the Internet gods needed. Just make a few smart settings optimizations, connect to an optimized gaming network to connect to Smite servers and you'll be on the path to glory!