Outfox Updates

Outfox Roadmap

Launch Date: September 26, 2017

Thank you to ALL beta testers that helped us along the way. As a thank you, all beta users will be given 100 days of free Outfox service as we move to paid accounts.

We beta tested for nearly 9 months, with thousands of beta users and one name change along the way. Ahead of launch day we released our Outfox 1.0 application, and we remain dedicated to continuously improving the application and the Outfox network to provide the highest tier gaming network service possible.

We fundamentally built the beta community by providing Outfox to everyone who had an interest in improving their gaming network performance, and your feedback continues to be important to us as we move out of beta. We have all types of users in mind for the future of Outfox, and we want to provide service to everyone seeking a better, easier, faster online gaming experience. 

Up Next

Improving session start and end behavior

We've received feedback regarding the experience of starting and ending sessions, so we're working on new UI and functionality to clearly demonstrate to the user when a session starts and ends. This includes an end of session report and a new flow for starting a session.

Ease of use

We created Outfox with the idea that playing games with the best network possible should be something that's easy to do. We want to allow users to run Outfox in the background through the task tray, have Outfox start with Windows, and add some totally-not-annoying desktop notifications (looking at you, Windows Update) so that everyone has peace of mind every time they jump into a match.

Server min/maxing

If you've ever poured over spreadsheets and Wikis in an effort to take your game to the next level, then you already know how we look at our server performance. We want to increase our performance in key areas where we see issues, and further improve the decision making that our services use to determine when and how to route your game traffic.

Start every PUBG match with an AWM

This one might take awhile.

Coming Soon!

And these items are coming up on our product roadmap:

  • MMO and other TCP-based game support
  • Introducing new types of Outfox accounts for a wide-range of different types of users, and supporting a "forever free" level of service.
  • In-game overlay
  • ...and more to come!

Outfox Known Issues

In addition to our primary goal of continuing to improve the performance and stability of Outfox's servers, we're aware of a few application issues. We're investigating the following at this time:
1. Unable to log in (stuck at "logging in" screen)
2. Issues with the UI connecting to the Outfox background process ("connection with service" errors)